The Superior Induction Hardening System.
"Greater than 25 years of gears"

The Micropulse Process

Micropulse uses controlled pulses of energy, measured and delivered in milliseconds, to produce hardened parts with greater fatigue strength and wear resistance. Heat input is measured and accurately regulated by the Absolute Pulse Controller, precisely controlling dimensional variation and hardening conditions. The improved strength of the parts is a result of high residual compressive stresses and a precise case of depth.

The patented Micropulse dual frequency and pulsed single frequency hardening processes by CHI typically eliminate the need for finish grinding, honing, lapping and heat distortion straightening. The result is a measurable reduction in per-part production costs with a substantial increase in quality. CHI provides a stronger, higher-quality part for less money.

In the world of complex parts requiring ever-increasing accuracy, Micropulse is the breakthrough that manufacturers have been looking for. That’s why manufacturers all over the world are turning to CHI for just-in-time induction hardening adapted to their needs.

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