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"Greater than 25 years of gears"

About Us - The History of CHI

Contour Hardening, Inc. (CHI) was established in 1986 with a goal of providing a cost-effective solution to difficult heat treatment applications.  This goal was attained through the development of an advanced computer-controlled induction heating technology known and patented as the Micropulse Process.  CHI developed the Micropulse Process to rapidly harden gear teeth and other irregularly shaped parts requiring a high degree to case depth hardening and pattern accuracy.  In 1986, a system was built specifically for CHI.  This first system is still used today for processing parts and developing applications for customers.  CHI has been building systems for its customers since 1990.  CHI's patented processes have dramatically altered the traditional methods of manufacturing case hardened gears and other irregularly shaped, complex parts requiring a high degree of dimensional accuracy.   CHI's innovative processes and designs have yielded revolutionary improvements in our customers' products.

CHI is positioned at the forefront of induction hardening technology.  Our systems have been used for induction heat treating on millions of parts.  Parts heat treated by CHI's patented processes exhibit less distortion.   They are stronger and more durable, and their quality is superior.  The Micropulse Process is based on the use of high power, high frequency, short heat time cycles to produce less part movement and higher compressive strength during the cycle.   The process also utilizes CHI's patented Absolute Pulse Controller (U.S. patents 52667654 and 5053596) to control extremely short, high-powered bursts of energy required to heat the part without distortion.

Since our inception in 1986, CHI has enjoyed unprecedented growth.   CHI moved to a new, larger facility in the Summer of 2000.  Our present location and latest proprietary induction hardening systems were purposefully planned to respond to our customers' requests for either induction hardening systems or contracted induction hardening services.

During the fall of 2007 CHI created a satellite location in Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico.  Our Mexico facility also includes purpose-designed utilities, computerized gear inspection equipment, and a complete metallurgical laboratory to support our customers in Central and South America.

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