Contract Processing

Our in-house Contract Processing systems allow our teams to deliver consistent results across all run sizes – from just a handful to hundreds of thousands, you can rely on Contour to deliver. 

Flexible. Nimble.

Contour maintains four flexible in-house production systems for customer contract processing. These systems have the ability to process the following parts:

  • Gears
  • Crankshafts
  • Camshafts
  • Transmission Shafts
  • Input/Output Shafts
  • Thin Wall Tube
  • Bearings
  • Races
  • Valve Seats for Engine Cylinder Heads
  • Hubs


CHI also has two ovens available for tempering applications following hardening – a continuous belt furnace with capabilities to 1000°F and a 3x5 box oven for batch tempering with capabilities of 600°F.


The micropulse Process

Micropulse uses controlled pulses of energy, measured and delivered in milliseconds, to produce hardened parts with greater fatigue strength and wear resistance

Induction hardening

CHI custom-designs and manufactures Lift and Rotate Machines, Single Shot Shaft Machines, and Crankshaft Machines.

r & D

R & D are integral aspects of CHI’s operations. Our company has sixty-two patents either granted or pending.

Contour Mexico

The Contour Hardening, Inc. plant located in Silao, Mexico has all the mirrors all the services & capabilities of our U.S. plant.

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We welcome the opportunity to provide you with additional information or assist you with your application development, contract processing, or induction hardening equipment needs.