Ben Crawford – Contour CEO & President




INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Contour is excited to announce the purchase of a gas nitride unit from a major U.S. furnace manufacture. This strategic purchase will help Contour expand their offerings in the automotive sector and expand deeper into the aerospace market. Contour will install the first unit at its Global Headquarters in Indianapolis, IN USA late spring 2019.

Since its founding in 1986, Contour has both, manufactured induction heat treat systems, as well as, offered commercial induction processing services for industry partners around the globe. The purchase of a gas nitride unit allows Contour to expand services focusing on distortion critical, complex parts for clients. With the addition of nitriding, it allows increased offerings to solve complex parts demanding dimensional control through engineered processes.

“Innovation is what Contour was built on, today is no different. Our customers rely on Contour’s controlled heat-treatment processes, 100% hardness verification and dimensional inspections. Our goal is to drive out part variation and provide a repeatable dimensionally accurate part.” stated Director-Heat Treat, Neil Merrell.

“We have an extremely deep and talented bench of in-house engineering and metallurgical teams, and they couldn’t be more excited about Contour’s entry into the Gas Nitride market. For several years, Contour has planned having a more significant presence in the aerospace, agricultural, heavy truck and light automotive industries. The purchase of this gas nitride unit will allow us to do just that and compliment our induction and dimensional services.” stated Contour CEO and President, Ben Crawford.

With locations in Indianapolis, Indiana USA, and Silao, Mexico, Contour is a recognized global leader in induction hardening process services and the manufacture of custom heat treat processing machines to companies on a global scale.

Crawford added, “We plan to make Gas Nitriding capabilities available to our clients at our Silao, Mexico plant in the near future. We are committed to offering innovative thermal heat treat solutions to our clients globally and this investment is proof of our commitment.”.


Contour ( is a full service induction hardening system manufacturer, specializing in induction hardening systems, contract processing, and application development work. The company was founded in 1986 and brings more than 30 years of industry leading research and innovation in the discipline of heat treat techniques and processes.

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