Distortion-Free Case Hardening for Aerospace, Defense, Automotive & Agriculture applications


Contour is excited to enter the field of Gas Nitriding & Nitrocarburizing with the installation of our first Nitride furnace.

Gas nitriding is a case-hardening process whereby nitrogen is introduced into the surface of a solid ferrous alloy by holding the metal at a suitable temperature in contact with a nitrogenous gas, usually ammonia. The nitriding temperature for all steels is between 495 and 565°C (925 and 1050°F). Principal reasons for nitriding are:


  • To obtain high surface hardness
  • To increase wear resistance and antigalling properties
  • To improve fatigue life
  • To improve corrosion resistance
  • To obtain a surface that is resistant to the softening effect of heat at temperatures up to the nitriding temperature.

Since 1986, Contour has built one of the industries largest teams of in-house engineers and metallurgists to solve the challenges faced by our manufacturing partners all over the planet. It’s this commitment to excellence that has made Contour a global leader in the induction heat treat space and serves as our foundation as we add Gas Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing to our line of services.

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